What, and where in the world is Springport?

Springport is in the middle of everywhere – Jackson is 25 miles, Battle Creek 37 miles, Albion 11 miles, Eaton rapids 10 miles, Parma 14 miles, Lansing 28 miles, and we are spot on M-99 and 8 miles from I94.

So now we know where we are – what are we?

Well, we are a farming community...


with a lot of commuters thrown in, or what might be called a mini-bedroom community. We are a community of tradition – one of history back to the first settlers in 1838 when we were then called Oyers Corners – named after the first settler to the area, John Oyer.


We are small, but with tremendous hearts. We are a peaceful place to raise a family with an awesome school system.


Do we have a swimming pool, or an auditorium, well no, but we do have one of the best FFA groups in the State!


and one of the best bands around


And our scholastic ratings are excellent.

We are quaint,


a little antiquated, but we are down to earth with a strong sense of community.

We have Memorial Day parades


and festivals,


and 5K runs,

and drive your tractor to school day.

We are friendly, family oriented, quiet, peaceful, safe, home, realistic, and outdoorsy.

Our assets are our people, our location, our library,


our schools, our Parks

Sykes Park

our Industry, and our closeness to cities.  We have small town charm; we are basic, solid, simple, sleepy, and folksy.  Why would anyone not want to settle here, or have a business here?  Possibly because most don’t realize we are here and what we have to offer.