Sykes Park

Sykes Park was named after Lester Sykes who owned the building and business on the site. After his service duty, Lester opened a Radio Repair Shop in 1950, after a period of study and schooling in Chicago.  In 1951 the first TVs came to the area and Lester moved to the building previously occupied by the Baptist Church where Sykes Park is today.  There, for many years, Lester fixed everyone’s radios and TVs.

After Lester’s death, his wife, Virginia (Ginny), had the building torn down and began to build Sykes Memorial Park. At that time, a garden club was formed and they helped to begin the planting.  The public was invited to plant a tree, or a flower, or put something in the park in memory of a loved one.  Many of the trees and plants there today were put there in memory of some of our former citizens. A pine tree was added in the back of the Park and served as the Village Christmas Tree which was lit every year for many years in a tree lighting ceremony.

As the Garden Club disbanded, Ms. Sykes found the park to be too much to take care of and in 1999 she deeded the property to the Village. With help from loyal citizens, the Park has been maintained since that time, with special thanks to those who have assisted in keeping it presentable.  An addition of a small pavilion with a picnic table was added by Joey Schmidt as an Eagle Scout project.  The drinking fountain was donated to the Park by then Police Chief, Mike Speese.

The addition to the Park between the existing Park and the Bank was deeded to the Village in 2016 from the Estate of Tom McClure. The Village hopes to extend this portion in memory of the McClure family.

Springport Community Park