Position Appointments


President                                           Gordon Webb

President Pro-Tem                          Jason Bartley

Village Clerk                                     Sommer Engelter

Village Treasurer                             Connie Bartley

Village Deputy Treasurer               Annette Spayd

L.O.L.C. Representative                   Gordon Webb

Street Administrator                        Linda Griffith

Chief Zoning Administrator            Gordon Webb

Region II Representative                Jill Conley

Village Attorney

  • Crowley, Cornish,Rockafellow& Sartz, Mark J.  Robison

Auditor                                               Willis & Jurasek

Insurance Representative              Steve Whitinger

Co-Cemetery Sextant                     Trevor Love and Collin Hawes


  • Homestead Savings Bank and PNC Bank

S.A.G.A. Board Trustee                 Jennifer Naylor

Police Committee                           Jason Bartley & Jill Conley

Emergency Co-Ordinator             Jason Bartley





Council Committee Appointments


  • Chairperson-Jason Bartley, Fredrick Grove,Linda Griffith

Budget & Finance, Capital Improvements Council Policies & Ordinances Permits & Licenses,


  • Operations Chairperson- Jill Conley, Pamela Parish, Jodi Kerns

Labor & Equipment, Streets, Alleys & Sidewalks, Waste Water & Water


Public Committee Appointments

Cemetery Board 

One Year- Fred Grove

Two Year- Jill Conley

Three Year- Rosalee Terpening,

Martha Mcclellan* (*Emeritus-Non-Voting)

Treasurer -  Jennifer Naylor


Planning & Zoning

  • Chairperson - Gordon Webb, Linda Griffith, Brenda K. Miller, Clay Partin, and Pamela Parish.


Planning & Zoning Board Of Appeals

Gordon Webb, President



President-Linda Griffith, Nevin Alexander, Janet Beilfuss, Tim Griffth, Deann Schell, Jill Conley and Gordon Webb.


Wellhead Protection 

Trevor Love, Collin Hawes, Jacob Mead, Jason Bartley, Open, Mary Farmer, Dennis Hasenick And Pat Henne.


MEDC Liason

Rosalee Terpening